How to Conduct a LAPD Inmate Search Online

lapd inmate search

You can conduct a lapd inmate search online to get information on an individual incarcerated at Los Angeles County Jails. The county has both state penitentiaries handled by the Department of Corrections and local jails managed by the police. The process of looking up an inmate is relatively simple and involves using a website that will have you enter the name of an inmate or their booking number. The results page will list all prisoners that meet your search criteria. You can also choose to view mugshots of the inmates you are searching for.

Tracing Inmates: LAPD Inmate Search Essentials

The minimum information required to search for an inmate is the last name or booking number; it is recommended that you provide middle and first names as well to obtain more accurate results. Once you’ve entered all the required data, click on the search button. The site will display a list of inmates who match your search criteria, including their name, age, date of arrest, charges filed, location of incarceration, and case data.

For those who wish to register for the VINE service, you can do so by calling 1-877-VINE-4-LA. The service is free and will allow you to receive daily updates on the status of an inmate by telephone or email.

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